Rishi Stocker is the Head of Partnerships at Revolut.  He is from India originally, but moved to London when he was about 5 years old.  He now finds himself based in Tokyo as part of Revolut’s effort to grow and expand into Asia.

Revolut’s business is thriving, with over 3MM retail customers in a mere three years of existence.  Without the use of traditional advertising on Facebook and Google, most growth has resulted from PR or organic.  Very impressive.

While the FX business is growing nicely for Revolut, they are not stopping there.  Many of the bank based financial services that retail and small business owners use are broken and Revolt is committed to fixing them.

Revolut believes fundamentally that executing globally as soon as possible is key to maintaining its success.  Getting global quickly is going to help prevent competitors from taking market share and will allow Revolut to scale to being one the largest global players in financial services.

We also discussed their strategy around picking the best markets into which to expand in Asia and the reasons were actually quite interesting.  Rishi is not only extremely knowledgeable about Revolut’s products and roadmap, but also deeply understands what it takes to succeed in Asia, particularly in markets where retail banking services seem to be quite poor.  He also notes smartly that regulation drives expansion for tech startups to a large extent.

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Episode 02 – Rishi Stocker – Revolut – Regulation Drives Expansion

by Rishi Stocker | Asian Expansion Podcast