Cameron Avery tells a really good story…and frankly, that is because he has a really good story to tell.  Cameron is originally from Sydney, Australia, but moved to Silicon Valley, Los Gatos to be precise, almost a decade ago.  He was also pretty clear on being from Bondi Beach…before it became trendy.  I will take his word for that.

He started an innovative digital marketing company almost fifteen years ago called Elastic Digital, which grew into Elastic Grid and eventually was acquired a year ago by Zift Solutions.

It was not a foregone conclusion that Cameron was going to end up in what we both jokingly called IT (which stands for Information Technology, for the uninitiated or anybody under 35!)…because that is what the tech sector was called 15 – 20 years ago.  We both had a pretty good laugh at that.

He started his career in the restaurant business…sheepishly telling me that he was opening Planet Hollywood’s around the world back when that was a ‘thing’.  Spurred on by his brother to join the growth engine of the future, he gave up the glamour and dove into the tech sector.  He joined a large IT distributor focused on selling Cisco products, dubbing this the easiest job he ever had.

Two years in, he started Elastic Digital, convincing his father to lend him $20,000 and become a co-founder as well.  Cameron is quick to point out that he paid back his dad in three months!  Clearly, Elastic Digital was doing something right.

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Episode 05 – Cameron Avery – Elastic Digital – Authenticity is the Most Important Thing

by Cameron Avery | Asian Expansion Podcast